Each brand produced by our company offers a particular and distinctive profile and to achieve this we must assemble characteristic mixtures for them consistent with the defined Positioning and the sensory experience developed for their target groups of consumers.

Such profiles must be consistent over time, despite the fact that, as a good product from agriculture, it varies from season to season by variety due to natural factors, which means that each season and even during the same season there are to slightly change the composition of the mixtures to maintain that constant profile.

This is why our Master Oleologists exist, a team of highly qualified experts called “master blenders”, whose job is to know how to identify varieties, origins, areas or terroirs, bouquets, aromas, flavors, bitterness and hotness to achieve assembling the product. corresponding to the profile defined for each of our brands. With this we hope to satisfy the expectations of each diverse group of consumers, who seek a particular profile of their preference for their consumption, thus delivering a characteristic and consistent product over time.


In order to have various particular and unique mixtures, we must access various sources of raw material, distributed throughout the country and eventually even from abroad.

Our associated fields provide us with a percentage of very good quality base raw material, which we complement with bulk purchases produced by quality bulk farmers distributed throughout the country.

This guarantees us a diversity of profiles and less agricultural exposure and risk due to weather or health factors. That is why we supply ourselves from all the productive areas of the country, normally covering from Arica to Talca.

With this we hope to satisfy the expectations of each diverse group of consumers, who seek a particular profile of their preference for their consumption, thus delivering a characteristic and consistent product over time.


Para poder tener variadas mezclas particulares y únicas debemos acceder a diversas fuentes de materia prima, distribuidas a lo largo del país y eventualmente incluso provenientes del extranjero.

Nuestros campos asociados, nos proporcionan un porcentaje de materia prima de base de muy buena calidad, el que complementamos con compras de graneles producidos por agricultores graneleros de calidad distribuidos a lo largo del país.

Ello nos garantiza diversidad de perfiles y una menor exposición y riesgo agrícola por factores climatológicos o sanitarios. Es por ello que nos abastecemos desde todas las zonas productivas del país cubriendo normalmente desde Arica hasta Talca.

Con ello esperamos satisfacer la expectativa de cada grupo diverso de consumidores, que buscan un perfil particular de su preferencia para su consumo, entregándoles así un producto característico y consistente en el tiempo.

Las mezclas alternativas requieren un amplio abastecimiento 

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Los acampos asociados a la compañía difieren en estructura, variedades, ubicación territorial y clima.

Por una parte, tenemos el campo Oleico ubicado en Villa Prat, Sagrada Familia. Un campo con marco de plantación intensivo (550 arboles por hectárea) y 11 variedades de aceitunas, una buena fuente de alternativas de perfiles, normalmente verdes y frescos.

Por otra, está ODM un campo súper intensivo (1.250 árboles por hectárea) de magnífica productividad, ubicado en la zona de Ovalle. Aceites caracterizados por sus sabores a alcachofa y plátano (Arbequina y Arbosana del norte).

De modo que con esta base tenemos gran disponibilidad de aceite y un amplio rango de perfiles de base para dar comienzo al ensamblaje de cada marca.


chile: CARACT.






The cool breeze that hits the ocean during the day cools the coastal valleys.

From the Cordillera de los Andes falls more fresh air that covers the eastern part of the territory.

While indoors, we find a warm condition with great sun exposure.




In the Aculeo area, where the small mill was initially built, today we have our main storage warehouse and the packaging unit. In a modern and highly efficient construction, which has 4 automatic packaging lines covering all the formats required by the market, from small 100 ml containers to 5 liter Pet drums.

The Plant enjoys high technology and automation and the highest certification standards aimed at quality assurance.

We have certifications: HACCP, BRC, Ethical Resources, Security in the Supply Chain, Sustainability APL 1 & 2, Kosher OU, Organic Ecocert NOP, EU and BR, plus a permanent Operational Compliance system.


We have a solid, modern and duly certified plant:


Operational compliance seeks that each protocol adopted by the company is applied daily in each stage of the production process, so that they are effectively a source of food safety guarantee for final consumers and the operational certainty of the company itself.

We integrate strong control systems linked to the company’s ERP systems in which all the operation details are detailed shift by shift and line by line, as well as that the quality control processes are absolutely registered With this we can ensure total traceability of our products for the interest groups that require them.


At Soho we make a voluntary commitment to achieve excellence and the trust of our consumers and suppliers. Through the continuous improvement of our products and processes, we have obtained the certifications of Ethical Supply and Security in the Logistics Chain, as well as certifications of Quality Assurance and Food Safety. We are registered with the U.S. FDA complying with all its standards.

Initiatives, Agreements and

Other Certifications

Initiatives, Agreements and Other Certifications

Soho has participated in different programs, initiatives and agreements that aim to improve our practices, processes and interactions with the environment and our stakeholders.

Ethical Sourcing: Global certification on good practices for responsible sourcing.