We are a company with more than 15 years of experience in the production and commercialization of Extra-Virgin Olive Oils for the national and international market, with a presence in the main retail chains in the country, reaching an important market share through our own brands Sol de Aculeo, Olave, Huasco, Montecristo, Grecco, Ópalo and Alma with which we offer our consumers a wide range of products to satisfy the most varied tastes.

We have the most advanced agricultural and industrial technology for the production of this oil, which, added to the climatic conditions plus those of the soil, and our careful control of the production process, we obtain Extra-Virgin oils with low levels of acidity, which do not exceed 0.3%.



Soho SpA is an Agro-industrial company dedicated to producing high-quality Olive Oils to be marketed both in the national and international markets, either under the company’s brands or by developing brands for third parties.

We will make our products always maintaining the highest production standard corresponding to each segment in which we participate, complying not only with the regulations in force in the different markets, but also adhering to the most rigorous international definitions and standards.

Our activity will be focused with seriousness and respect both in the internal work plan and towards our different levels of clients – client companies, distributors, supermarkets and final consumers -.


From this Agroindustrial operation originally dedicated to the Production and Marketing of quality Olive Oil that operates in the National market, we will evolve to become a marketing company that covers certain international territories. We want to become a Regional multinational of excellence.


At Soho we are governed by principles of reputation, seriousness and fulfillment of our work, guided mainly by ethical business practice in the productive, financial, commercial, labour, social and environmental spheres, always maintaining a responsible participation in the industry, with a production oriented to the total satisfaction of our customers and consumers, with a direct personal involvement in the conduct of our work and business practice.


We are an honest company that offers honest products, so we put a special focus on things that we consider important for life, such as good business practice, the environment, social and human trends, respect for consumer habits and the quality assurement.

If we can cooperate in these fields, we believe that we not only adhere to good business practices, but also contribute to the general welfare of the country.



Our Extra-Virgin Olive Oils are made with a special concern for quality, being present from the formation of the olive trees in the nurseries to the production, distribution and marketing of the oil, always meeting the highest industry standards to consistently deliver a highly valued product for our customers and end consumers alike.

Whether in the national or international market, our Quality policy and our focus on Excellence have given us recognition from both suppliers and clients, making Soho a valuable ally for their business relationships. Our oils enjoy exceptional quality worldwide, recognized and awarded in important competitions.